Dear Friends,

Last week I had lunch at a restaurant called SNCKBR. A Snackbar usually is a restaurant where fast food is served but ironically here, they serve healthy dishes. This restaurant has two locations in Amsterdam. The first is in de Pijp, a very hip neighbourhood. The second restaurant is in the Kinkerstraat, also a nice neighbourhood. We went to the one in the Kinkerstraat. The interior was nice, because every corner had different kinds of tables and chairs. However, the sitting area above was very dark. The drinks were very nice. I ordered a green smoothie and it tasted very fresh. We also ordered two different kinds of pancakes and one acai bowl. Everything was delicious, but I liked the acai bowl the most. It was very fresh and also sweet. The perfect breakfast! However, I have to say, the MOOK pancakes are still my favorite (I’m obsessed with them hahah). If you haven’t read the post about MOOK yet, click here.

The Captioner
1. Van Woustraat 36, 1073 LM
2. Kinkerstraat 106, 1053 EC
Visiting hours:
Sunday until Thursday from 11 am until 11 pm
Friday and Saturday from 11 am until 1 am



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