The grand mosque

Dear Friends,

Same time last year, I visited Dubai. It was my first time and I absolutely loved it! We stayed on Jumeirah Beach and it was around 30 degrees. But because it is located in the desert it felt like 45 degrees. The best part of visiting Dubai was the FOOD. I did not have to worry about meals not being halal and I could pick literally everything on the menu! One restaurant I couldn’t get enough of was the Cheesecake Factory. First I taught this was a place where you could only eat cheesecakes and other desserts hence, the name. But surprisingly, you can also have lunch and dinner at this restaurant. Their portions are huge and very delicious. Their assortiment is also very diverse, so anyone can find their preference. Everything is reasonably priced and if you are not able to finish your meal, you can take it with you.

We also visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. I already seen it on pictures and it was beautiful. But in reality it is truly breathtaking. You have to be properly dressed when entering the mosque. This means that your body should be fully covered and females should wear a headscarf. If your are not properly dressed you can also borrow a dress at the entrance for free. The mosque really gave a peaceful vibe. Every detail on the walls and floor was beautiful. I definitely want to visit Dubai and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque again.

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