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Last week I found the cutest lunch spot in the centre of Amsterdam. It’s called Toastable and their concept is very simple. They sell toasted sandwiches (also called tosti’s in dutch). They come in all kinds of variations. They also sell a crosti; which is a croissant with cheese and eggs. Visit Toastable in the morning during breakfast, if you want to try a crosti. In the afternoon they are usually already sold out. That proves how delicious they are. The sandwiches we tasted were very delicious. Their spot at Koningsplein is very cozy. However, if you want to have lunch with a group, their restaurant at the Nieuwendijk is more suited. When you visit the city to go shopping and do some damage to your bank accounts and you are hungry afterwards, you should definitely stop by Toastable for a lovely sandwich.

The Captioner
Location 1 : Nieuwendijk 6, 1012 MK  Amsterdam
Location 2: Singel 441, 1012 WP  Amsterdam
Visiting hours:
Everyday: 08:00-17.00


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  1. Toastable was my favourite place to eat in Amsterdam- would love to return some day!

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