What to do: Autumn in Amsterdam

Hi Friends,

The season Autumn has arrived. Our summer love stories became memories and the cold weather has entered our daily lives. What I like most about this season is how the leaves can take any form and color. The change in color on the streets and the cold weather gives a cozy feeling. I want to share 5 activities I love to do in this cozy season in Amsterdam. During the month November I will post a blog about one of the activities every week starting next week. Below I summarized the 5 activities so you are aware of what’s coming next.

1. Eating. 
During every season I love to eat (as you’ve may already noticed). But during Autumn it gives me a special feeling when I’m warm inside a restaurant and at the same time it’s pouring outside. Recently I had lunch at a restaurant called Louie Louie in Amsterdam Oost. Next week I will post about it. So stay tuned!

2. Le Cinema
I’m addicted to movies and TV programs. So it is natural for me to have an subscription to the cinemas. This cinema is called Pathe. They have various cinemas in Amsterdam. One of them is called Pathe Tushinski. One of their theater rooms is absolutely astonishing. It looks like an Opera Theater and they even have balcony seats! I will tell you more about it in two weeks.

3. Strolling trough Amsterdam
There is so much going on in our daily lives that we forget to sometimes step back and pause for a minute. When I create time to relax, I like to take a walk. Alone or accompanied by a friend/family member. Being outside makes you immediately smell the fresh air and watch all the Autumn leaves fall. Honestly you can take a walk anywhere in Amsterdam. You could either walk along the canals or take a stroll in het Amsterdamse Bos. Soon I will show you the best views of Amsterdam!

4. Shopping for a new look
When a new season starts you should definitely go shopping. In my opinion shopping, eating and traveling are always the answer! During Autumn it becomes colder in Amsterdam and with Winter coming up you should be prepared. The change of the seasons is also a good excuse to freshen up your wardrobe a bit. If you either love to shop vintage clothing or like to shop indoor during Autumn you are at the right place. Amsterdam gives every shopaholic a place to spend it all.

5. Reading a good book
After a long week of running around town from school to work and other fun activities, it is nice to come home and relax on the sofa with a good book. I like reading books (preferable in English). Books in my opinion give you an opportunity to create a new fantasy. What I also love about books is that everybody interprets the story in their personal way. Recently I bought a few inspirational books. Hopefully I have read them all by the end of November. By that time I will give you a list of must reads to boost your inspiration.

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