Say yes to a salad

Hi Friends,

We are gonna pick up right where we left off last week: Food. If you know me personally, you know I love healthy food. 9 times out of 10 I would pick a salad over for example a burger. I save 1 time for cheat day of course. When I suggest to my friends to go and eat a salad for lunch, I always get the response that a salad serves like a side dish and not as a full lunch meal. That’s where my friends and I disagree. SLA is a restaurant who serves salads, but these are no ordinary salads. You can add as much ingredients to you salad as you like. So you don’t have to be worried about not filling your stomach enough! They have a menu where pre chosen combinations of salads are presented, but you can also create your own salad. When you create your own salad you have to choose a kind of: 1. leaf, 2. dressing, 3. corn, 4. three vegetables, 5. premium (optional), 6. topping. I always create my own salad. I usually pick 1. spinach, 2. a mustard dressing, 3. quinoa, 4. courgette and 2x sweet potato (I’m obsessed with sweet potato) 5. sweet potato falafel, 6. sunflower seeds. Next to salads they also serve hummus, a variety of soup and juices. Every season most of their dressings and premiums change. I prefer that, because this way you won’t get bored with their meals.Here is a nice fact for when you crave their salad but are too lazy to buy it, they also deliver via Deliveroo! SLA is located in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag and Haarlem. They have different locations in Amsterdam.
I hope you liked this blog post and hopefully we will meet again next week!

The Captioner
Utrechtsestraat, Ceintuurbaan, Zuidas, Middenweg 
and Westerstraat
Visiting hours, Zuidas:
mon - thurs: 08.00-21.00
Friday: 08.00-15.00
Visiting hours, other locations in Amsterdam:
mon - sun: 11.00-21.00
Take a look in their restaurant:
Click here















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