My City, My Story

Hi Friends,

Thank you for visiting my first blog post. If you haven’t already, click  here. As you’ve noticed it contained mostly photographs and little words. In this post I want to introduce myself a bit more. I also want to share my main vision for my blog.

My name is Salma and I’m a studying Economics at the University of Amsterdam. I’m passionate about photographing, traveling, experiencing new things and last but not least eating. I’ve lived my whole life in Amsterdam. There is a lot to do here, but when you live in a city like this you tend to settle for the easy and known hotspots in town. Since a year I push myself to eat at new restaurants and do new things. Sometimes it is good to be a tourist in your own town. When I search for example for a new restaurant I of course first look at the menu. But I also like to see photographs and feel the ambiance before hand.

With this blog I want to take you with me during my journey through my favorite city. When visiting a new hotspot I will make photographs and write about the ambiance and my experience. If you happen to know a good hotspot in Amsterdam make sure to write about it in the comments below, so I can check it out! Hopefully my posts will serve you as guide of where to eat, what to do and where to be in Amsterdam.

The Captioner

PS: As I already mentioned I love traveling. So occasionally I will “cheat” on my first love Amsterdam and capture hotspots in other countries.

The Canals of Amsterdam



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  1. I like to read the text on jour blog. The photo’s are verry beautyfull just like jou.😍

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